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    Every month, Moto Republik will host an individual or panel to discuss various topics.

    Converse! Connect! Create.

    Moto Republik introduces Moto Talks, a monthly gathering that provides a platform to encourage our creative community to connect and converse about the latest trending topics from arts to blogging, from creative activism to design.


    Your Authentic Self

    Participants  learned how authenticity (your highest form of existence ) is the missing ingredient in knowing who you are, increasing you productivity and achieving your goals!
    This talk is for young professionals who want to take their self-awareness, productivity and global relevance to the next level!

    Mutsa Samuel

    Pablo Martinez Monsivias

    All the way from Washington D.C., where he serves on the White House beat, Pulitzer Prize-winning photo journalist Pablo Martinez Monsivais is in Harare and will be sharing a presentation on his career as a photo journalist, covering the top news stories of the year, and for the last 17 years, the President of the United States (for the Associated Press). An informative and lively discussion with Pablo on how to stay relevant in a tech-consuming field such as photo journalism, how to make a career out of your passion, and other juicy industry advice from one of the best.

    World Music Freedom Day: Role of Women In The Music Industry

    Did you know that…

    Women banned from singing in public in some countries?
    Women cannot attend a concert in some places?
    The music industry is still unequal?
    This is why we joined Freemuse in focusing on women on Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2017 .


    We held  a spirited and informational discussion with  women in music and we break down what music freedom means, what challenges are faced by female artists in the Zimbabwean women industry and other themes around censorship!

    Data Must Fall :Now What?

    The exorbitant price of data is an issue that reached tipping point in Zimbabwe in early January 2017 when local telecoms regulator POTRAZ set new minimum prices for mobile data. This move made mobile data in Zimbabwe even more expensive. Then mobile telecoms operator Econet increased its data prices 500% above the POTRAZ floor price of 2 cents per mega byte to 10 cents per mega byte. A massive backlash from citizens online under the #DataMustFall campaign against POTRAZ, the Ministry of ICT & the telecoms operators lead to the Minister of ICT being forced to reverse the directive.


    Despite reluctantly reverting to the old price structure, the price of data remains high in Zimbabwe. The UN recognizes that low data costs have the potential to drive economic growth. Now that data has fallen how can the price of data be reduced further ? How can we better provide access to internet and alternative information for all Zimbabweans? Does this victory show the power of social media activism? Was government trying to cut down access to the internet ahead of the 2018 elections? And are the cellphone networks only motivated by money?


    Moto Republik invited everyone for  an in depth discussion with leading thinkers, activists and company representatives on these issues in partnership with Open Parly ZW

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